Complex Rehab Equipment

Individualized Mobility

At Lincoln Mobility, we’re committed to serving the lifelong needs of our customers through individualized mobility solutions. To do so, we offer a wide range of power wheelchairs models and accessories to meet specific needs.

Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) On-Staff

At Lincoln, an ATP is involved in the evaluation process for all complex power wheelchairs. Many insurance companies require that a RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America) certified ATP work with a customer and their clinician to qualify for coverage. Pat Pohlman, our on-staff ATP, is RESNA certified; his training and education allow him to select the most suitable product for each customer.

About Complex Rehab Equipment

What is a Complex Rehab Power Wheelchair?

Changes in mobility can come with many challenges, and we want be your partner throughout. We specialize in providing the best equipment our industry has to offer, and we understand that no person or body is the same.At Lincoln Mobility, our goal is to help you maintain your lifestyle. During your mobility evaluation, our Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) will work with your physician to identify exactly what combination of equipment and accessories will meet your needs best.

Who Needs a Complex Rehab Power Wheelchair?

Most users of complex power wheelchairs have experienced significant changes in mobility due to traumatic injuries, progressive or degenerative neuromuscular diseases, or birth disorders. An appropriate complex power wheelchair can increase function, comfort, stability and independence.

Individually Configured

Complex power wheelchairs can be configured with front-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive bases. They are adapted and modified in the following ways:

  • Width, depth, height, seat angles
  • Specialty and custom seat and back cushions
  • Positioning items (i.e. headrests, side, and hip supports)
  • Sophisticated powered tilt and/or recline functions
  • Manual and power-elevating leg rests and foot platforms
  • Specialty joystick controls
  • Alternative drive controls (i.e. foot control, head control, sip-n-puff)
  • … and many more!

Questions about Complex Rehab Equipment?